"Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most."




You’re working your ass off. You’re running every morning. You’re eating well. You’re eating enough but not too much. You’re busting your ass in every single workout, pushing to your threshold, pouring sweat, but you’re not seeing any results.

Maybe it hasn’t been long enough. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re staring at your abs and not paying attention to your perfectly defined thighs, your beastly biceps, or your seriously sexy back.

One day you’re going to be putting your hair up and notice your biceps bulge in the mirror. You’ll turn around to check out your gnarly sunburn and watch the flex of your triceps and traps. You’ll see a picture of yourself reaching for something and be blown away by the definition in your legs and the cut of your thighs.

You’re working for it and it’s working. Sometimes your body is changing more rapidly than you can shed fat. It’s going to come up and smack you out of nowhere. You’re going to laugh at yourself when you attempt decline pushups with your feet on a bench, then bang out 40 of them without breaking a sweat.

It’s happening even if you can’t see it. Your body is evolving and changing. Give it the respect it deserves. Give it a chance to become visible. You worked for it. Don’t throw that away. You DESERVE to see it.

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